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Learn more about The CEO Experience including the phases of the journey, ideal executive profile, and anticipated outcomes. Click the links below to move to the desired section.

The CEO Experience is a one of a kind epic journey for high-performing CEOs who want to take their leadership to new levels of impact and influence. This 12-month guided high-end, high-engagement, customized experience is built on three key pathways for growth and transformation:

The Experience


You'll receive...

  • 3.5 hour DEEP DIVE executive coaching session in-person with Dr. Jason Brooks quarterly

  • Two 1.5 hour executive coaching sessions monthly

  • Hogan Leader Insight Assessment Series

  • Hogan Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Hogan Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Assessment

  • Hogan 360 Assessment (optional for additional expense)

  • THRIVE Planner created by Dr. Brooks

  • All resource materials

Call at your convenience
+1 (615) 348-8680

Every very executive who truly wants to succeed understands the critical importance of investing in themselves through performance coaching. Recent research shows that there is over a 5X return on investment for individuals who engage in coaching. 

While you're the ultimate expert of your life, the best leaders realize the importance of continual growth, constantly aspiring for greater influence, and getting back on track when they find themselves a little stuck.


Executive coaching is a completely customized solution to help bring focus, clarity, direction, change, and success to all areas of your life and leadership.


In working with Dr. Jason Brooks as your executive coach and advisor, you'll experience...

  • Comprehensive, multi-dimensional insight and analysis to help you to know yourself in new and powerful ways

  • Clear, co-created goals aligned with the results you want to achieve

  • Tailored guidance to help you take you next steps

  • Actionable goals to help you stay on track and on target

  • Opportunity to connect "between sessions" to provide support to ensure you accomplish your goals

  • Ongoing accountability knowing lasting change happens over time

Once a quarter you'll have a 3.5 hour DEEP DIVE where Dr. Jason Brooks will join you in-person for deep work to help you know yourself, know your team, and develop positive pathways to achieve your goals and results

Each month you'll have two coaching sessions, each 1.5 hours long, where together we will work on the goals you identified for yourself and explore progress, potential roadblocks to success, and realignment options as needed

Knowing that transformation doesn't perfectly align with the scheduled core sessions, Jason is available  throughout the month for phone, email or text REFINING RESETS at any time. There's no limit to these connections. Your personal trusted advisor is only a phone call or message away.

The CEO Personal Retreat is an individual experience led by a quarterly EXECUTIVE GUIDEBOOK focused on igniting core aspects of a CEOs leadership persona.


The EXECUTIVE GUIDEBOOK is released on the first day of each calendar quarter and is available in both digital and print versions. It combines the dimensions of relevant readings for knowledge, executive journal for reflection, and video insights to spotlight key concepts for transformation.


As appropriate, concepts from the Personal Retreats will be brought into the Executive Coaching experience  with Jason for continuity and reinforcement.


The guidebook explores material and content specially designed to help CEOs grow themselves and their organizations. It's filled with core concepts and NEXT STEP activities where CEOs interact with the material and develop the strategy, goals and actions to improve their own performance and the performance of their organization.


You'll receive...

  • Quarterly EXECUTIVE GUIDEBOOK available digitally and print 

  • Supporting video segments to spotlight key concepts for application

  • All resource materials

Call at your convenience
+1 (615) 348-8680


You'll receive...

  • Two, 2 1/2 day events in high-end destination locations, one in the fall and one in spring

  • All retreat accommodations included (private room, private bath, shared living spaces)

  • All meal, entertainment, and travel during retreat included (travel to retreat location not included)

  • All retreat resources included

Call at your convenience
+1 (615) 348-8680

Organizations cannot grow beyond their leaders. These unique, elite experiences are designed to refuel and reenergize leaders to reach a higher level. 


During the two and a half day executive strategy retreat led by Dr. Jason Brooks and his team, CEOs spend time in guided sessions learning crucial leadership principles, practices and sharing BEST IDEAS with each other.  CEOs will review their business success through guided MASTERPLAN REVIEWS. More in-depth focus and insight are explored through CASE STORIES, bringing the results from the Masterplan Reviews to life. All of that is followed up with a guided One on One Strategy Session with a peer.


CEOs also will be given focused-time to work “on” their business by designing plans around the key leadership aspects explored at the retreat. Each CEO has time to review the critical areas of their life and leadership and share with the group for insight and accountability. 

Knowing the power of growing lasting relationships, time will be spend together in structured events designed to refresh the body, mind and soul, enable participants to take on the next opportunity with energy, new perspective and clarity, build collaboration, connection, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Each Executive Strategy Retreat consists of a mastermind, an executive guide, and a shared experience that helps to cement the retreat's leadership concepts and ideas. Retreats are hosted around the country at places every leader should experience and provide an opportunity to learn, rest, reflect, recharge and reset.  


Call at your convenience
+1 (615) 348-8680

5% FOREVER DISCOUNT for you or your organization executive coaching


10% FOREVER DISCOUNT on all leadership certification and training programs for your current and future teams through LeaderTHRIVE

10% FOREVER DISCOUNT on keynote, conference, and workshop events delivered by Dr. Jason Brooks for your teams and organization

10% FOREVER DISCOUNT for LederTHRIVE's Insight and Advisory Solutions for your team to assist in hiring, coaching, development, and succession planning initiatives


50% FORVER DISCOUNT to LeaderTHRIVE in person and virtual leadership summits

Special alumni pricing for ongoing executive performance coaching for you and your executive leaders

FREE THRIVE Planner, created by Dr. Jason Brooks, for one year

FREE THRIVE Journal, created by Dr. Jason Brooks, for one year

Access to ALUMNI ONLY resources to support your continued growth as a CEO

The CEO Experience is created for elite CEO's who have a deep passion and commitment for being their unique best.  Exclusive selection will be based on meeting ideal executive profile criteria and an interview with Jason Brooks to better understand your goals and commitment to being an active participant in your growth and the shared growing of your CEO cohort. Consideration will also be given to diverse executive and industry representation to provide the most comprehensive transformation experience possible.

Ideal Executive Profile


Top Organizational Executive


Mid-market organization ($10M-$500M revenue)

100+ employees

Growth focused through expansion, DENOVO or M&A

Desire to build strong relationships with other high-impact c-suite executives 

Eager to learn and expand your influence

Understand value of investing in your personal and professional growth

High-capacity for becoming and doing more than you are today

Executives who desire an exclusive experience with high interaction, open communication and trust, strong collaboration, and relevant real world content, customized to your unique situations and challenges, to help you take clear steps execute and lead at a higher level

Challenges and Results

The CEO Experience brings flexibility to be customized to each CEOs current challenges while at the same time providing principles of executive leadership all CEOs need to be successful. The following are examples of mini-case studies of sample challenges, solutions and anticipated results CEOs can expect to receive from The CEO Experience journey.

Mini-Case Study I 

The Challenge

"I've had a successful executive career. And I know if I want to continue to have an impact on my team and organization, I need to grow my strengths and take steps so my blindspots don't hold me back. I need to continue to stretch myself and reach to the next level."

The Solution

Through the Hogan Assessment Leadership Forecast Series, used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies, we helped the CEO get crystal clear on their strengths, challenges and blind spots, values and motivations, how they build and maintain relationships, and how they solve-problems and make decisions. We then bring that insight into the executive coaching sessions to help CEOs to make better choices in their focus and the teams they build to complement their strengths and motivations.

The Result

Confident CEO who is now leveraging their greatest strengths, building great relationships and creating diverse teams who work great together and complement each other well.

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